How to design a training session - bonus checklist

From ‘Hey,Can You Do Training?’ to ‘Wow, That’s Brilliant!’: Your Ultimate Guide toMastering Training Intake 🎙️

Hey there, all you Learning Avengers and Training Wizards! Gather 'round; we've got some piping hot L&D knowledge coming straight out of the podcast oven. If Episode 1 was our basic 'moon landing' — venturing into the great unknown of evaluating training effectiveness — then Episode 2 is our ‘Mars Rover,’ designed to explore the raw, uncharted territories of training intake. 🚀


The Challenge: Unraveling the Pandora’s Box of Training Requests

Ah, the ‘training request’, two words that can send an L&D professional spiraling into a void of anxiety and existential questions. It starts innocently enough.Someone saunters into your office: “Hey, we need training for X.” They act like they’ve just ordered a coffee. But, oh, how misleading that simplicity is! The path from that casual ask to a rock-solid training plan is packed with peril — undefined expectations, unclear objectives, and a sprinkle of confusion.


What’s Cooking in Episode 2: 'No More Boring Learning'

Ravi and Jeanne, the dynamic duo of learning, have embarked on an audacious quest: to craft **The Ultimate Intake for a Request for Training.** This isn't your run-of-the-mill checklist; it's a key that opens the gates to the Learning Kingdom! 🏰


What’s on the Menu?

 📋 The Ultimate Checklist: The crème de la crème of intake questions thatpromises to be your Excalibur in the realm of L&D.

🎯 Strategic Questions: No more aimless wanderings; pinpoint the exactquestions that turn a vague ‘training request’ into a blueprint of glory.

🔄 Feedback Loop: We've created the list, but it’s a living document.Challenge accepted? Sharpen it, dissect it, make it your own!

🤝 Stakeholder Engagement: How to siphon off vital intel from your clientsor organizational leaders? Trust us; we have the social hacks.


Clickety-Click: Your VIP Ticket to the L&D Party 🎫

Here's the deal: We're sharing our exhaustive, no-stone-unturned, absolutely-knock-your-socks-off checklist. But there's a catch! The UltimateChecklist is exclusively available to our cherished podcast listeners. So, want to transform every ‘training request’ into a high-impact project? [Click here for your golden ticket]


Why YouCan’t Afford to Miss This Episode

Let’s not mince words: getting the intake right can mean the difference between a training program that’s a dud and one that transforms entire teams. An accurately defined project can save time, money, and a boatload of stress.


So, are youready to graduate from the school of ‘Yeah, it was okay, I guess’ to the IvyLeague of ‘That was a groundbreaking experience!’ in training design?


Lace up your explorer boots and get ready to blaze new trails with us. 🌲🌳 Tune into Episode 2 of 'No MoreBoring Learning,' and let's change the game of L&D, one question at a time!🎧







How to design a training session - bonus checklist

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